The Army National Guard

The US Army Be All You Can Be,*** Армия США Все,котор Вы Можете Быть,*** Het Leger van de V.S. is Allen u kunt zijn,*** L'Armée des USA Soit Toute Que Vous Pouvez Être,*** Die US Armee Ist Alle, die Sie Sein Können,*** Ο αμερικανικός στρατός είναι όλοι που μπορείτε να είστε, *** L'Esercito degli Stati Uniti È Tutto Che Possiate Essere,*** O Exército dos E. U. Seja Tudo Que Você Pode Ser, *** El Ejército de los E.E.U.U. Sea Todo Lo que Usted Puede Ser,*** Translated by the: Babel Fish Operator ***

  • Camp Withycombe
    15300 S.E. Industrial Way
    Clackamas, Oregon 97015-9372
  • Headquarters 41st Provisional Battalion
  • 3670th Maintenance Company
  • 741st Corporation Support Battalion
  • 162nd Engineer's Company
  • 2991st Medical Psyicatry Unit
  • 8583672 # U.S. Cavalry Supply

Ft. Lewis Logistics Center Tacoma, Washington 98401

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